Sea Span – Winter Sublet – Single Review

The US indie-gaze quartet Sea Span I will come back to in full when there is more to hear.

Sea Span

Sea Span

With just one track, I already find myself rolling around in a duvet with Sea Span as the funkadelic shimmers of echo sparkle off the walls. There are some sounds you just want to hug and hold close for their hydrating inconsequentialism. The quartet don’t seek to embattle the listener with conjecture, rather like the Andrex puppies just make you feel better, but it is not inanity.

Sea Span is able to conjoin frothing bubbles with mellifluous electronic reverb that finds the listener becalmed, though not submerged in detritus. The quartet are able to traverse the precipitous ridge that is mainstream media tat and music that can be enjoyed for the creative spark, with their quietly spoken diatribe of bureaucratic insurrection, finding the audience looking forward to hearing more.

My apologies for the slightly delayed review of the single, but clarifying a detail or two, meant an exchange of emails which took a few days.


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