William Street Strikers – No Surrender – Audio

The Australian rock band William Street Strikers are set to release the LP Nothing’s Going On imminently.

William Street Strikers - Nothing's Going On - CD

William Street Strikers – Nothing’s Going On – CD

Those who are familiar with the Indie Music Tips series will already be au-fait with William Street Strikers as they provide the intro and outro-music to the series.

From the album – the first of the ten tracks, which surfaced an hour ago.

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Indie Music Tips #18 Music Licensing with David Codr

For this session of the Indie Music Tips series David Codr of Musicpage.com joined me to talk about music licensing.

David Codr

David Codr

Whilst speaking about music licensing areas such as Performing Rights Organisations, music only recordings, music supervisors and more.

The Musicpage Ops Board

Music by The William Street Strikers.

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Indie Music Tips #1 – Live Music

For those who know the old website – I am back on the Indie Music Tips series, which for the future will be audio posts.

Tim Whale - Indie Music Tips

Tim Whale

This is the 1st in the series as it makes sense to let the new readers catch up. Live Music, which I recorded with Francesca Baker who is involved with Shoreditch Radio as well as her own website – And So She Thinks.

After a lengthy delay – I would once again be interested in talking to people who have their perspective on ‘how to make a go of it’ for Independent musicians. If you would be interested in adding your thoughts, please drop me an email to tim @ emergingindiebands.com