Dijon – Just Whisper – Audio

Dijon is an alt-rock band from the USA.

Dijon - Will You Catch Me If I Fall? - CD

Dijon – Will You Catch Me If I Fall? – CD

Last month they released the EP Will You Catch Me If I Fall?. Within the past few days Dijon have made more accessible some of the tracks on a release which features piano and violins as well as backdrops of sound as the emotional chapters of a breaking relationship ties unfurl in the four tracks.

The opening number – Just Whisper – is the most compressed on Will You Catch Me If I Fall? as the realisation of the sense of isolation – as revealed in the full EP has not yet set in to minds eye. While each track stands on its own merit with the differing hues of colour – as a completeness they make far more sense as Dijon are able – like the mustard of the same name – to capture ingredients that are better blended together, though equally all palatable as solo tasters.

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