The NYChillharmonic – Wild – Video

The NYChillharmonic is a twenty two member – plus others – prog-rock orchestra from the USA.

The NYChillharmonic

The NYChillharmonic

The NYChillharmonic, due to the sheer breadth of instrumentation available are able to provide the listener with wide travelling songs. They utilise the various elements of the band to create tracks which consist of various chapters.

Wild, captured in live performance showcases their style, with the just over six minute composition ranging from solitary synth to full input from all simultaneously.

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Pord from Lozère in France is the alt-rock trio of Seb (Drums), Mike (Guitar / Vocals) and Max (Bass).

Pord - Wild - artwork

Pord – Wild – artwork

An established outfit, Pord deliver fervent disambiguation inside fractured compositions which rattle the very foundations of the room. The anomalies which lay therein gifts the resulting out-put a mesmeric intensity.

The rasping guitar sheds spiky shards of iron as it cleaves across the room, whilst the bass rumbles like a burbling diesel engine as the percussion pummels away as though threshing fields and through it all emerges a tortured vocal. The disparities combine to give the music an unstoppable intensity, that suckers in the audience to stand transfixed by the apparent chaos, which impressively forms into immediately coherent and expressive compositions.

A new LP, the seven track – Wild – is set for release on the 8th September. Having had the opportunity to listen to it and some of their previous work, this release will come as a welcome addition to the collection for those with older material and for those not familiar with the sound a startling introduction.

Prod have taken their collisions of sound, sped up the tempo and given the vocal a more defined discordance to produce a superbly crafted set of songs.


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