Tigress – Bring Me Down – Video

The English indie-rock band Tigress will be releasing the EP Who Cares on the 1st of June.

Tigress - photo credit - William Pavli Photography

Tigress – photo credit – William Pavli Photography

Bring Me Down, which is the second of the five songs on the EP, is a tauter construct than music of their previously featured and is highlighted by the snapping drum-kit which is sharp enough to cut paper.

Who Cares – EP – Tigress is available on iTunes.*

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Franco & The Dreadnought – Who Cares – Single Review

It is always a pleasure to return to John Blaylock and his guitar – the acoustic-indie vehicle known as Franco & The Dreadnought.

Franco & The Dreadnought - Who Cares - artwork

Franco & The Dreadnought – Who Cares – artwork

Due for release on the 22nd is his latest single plus two remixes Who Cares.

There is a more ‘international’ grounding to Who Cares than much of the previous material featured and regular readers will be drawn to references of Steffan Rundquist as Franco & The Dreadnought introduce a more wary eye of the world around.

Who Cares has an earthy must which permeates the room. Through the just over three minute track, like a coiling spring, the intensity of pressure builds until the spring snaps and the composition unexpectedly implodes to silence.

I merely hope it doesn’t take me until 2019 to come back with an update, as, each time I return to Franco & The Dreadnought I find some new ideas to discover.

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