White Lodge – Labour Of Love – Video

The Australian lo-fi-garage outfit White Lodge are due to release their eponymous LP imminently.

White Lodge - Labour Of Love

White Lodge – Labour Of Love

From the forthcoming album – Labour Of Love is a track that typifies their style as it crashes around the room in seemingly random abandon.

White Lodge retain their charm by their refusal to polish the sounds, allowing the listener connect directly with the musicians. If you are after tidy dressings with your music they are not for you, if you prefer a rawness that recalls of four track analogue recordings you are with the right band.

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White Lodge

White Lodge – a garage rock band from Brisbane in Australia is Hudson, Jonny, Harry and J.B.

White Lodge - Garage Rock from Australia

White Lodge

The quartet have been busy getting their music available to a broader audience with four releases since April. The heavily echoed and reverbed sounds are set within a psychedelic context giving the music a vamp-goth feel not demanding of the audience, however nonetheless engaging and the listener can enjoy the material precisely on its face value.

Providing tunes that range from the floating and haunting to faster tempo, White Lodge have plenty to offer the audience. The psychedelic vamp-goth twists provide the music with enormous entertainment value, whilst not stretching credulity and easily understood. It is the very fact of the easy access which gives the band its strength.

Whilst working hard on recording and writing a vast tranche of material, the band is also beginning to gather a live audience following. Vocally, the songs are challenging and won’t suit everyone’s ears. White Lodge still have a distance to travel to get the most out of their creativity, but that is no reason to hang back from getting involved now and I wish them all the best.


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