when its dark out – letting go is not a weakness – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock project when its dark out was introduced earlier in the year.

when its dark out - letting go is not a weakness

when its dark out

A new track surfaced yesterday which is of very different shading.

The eighty seven seconds of letting go is not a weakness are of a fuzzy guitar instrumental that spins around an axis that minds of the grinding wheels of a heavy freight train slowly gaining traction and velocity – an aural demonstration of Newton’s three laws of motion, if you will.

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when its dark out – nothing at all – audio

when its dark out is an angst-rock project from Scotland.

when its dark out

when its dark out

The music casts a dark pall through the room which seeps in to the listeners very being leaving them transfixed by the dour moments in time which float through the ears, yet beneath the sad countenance lays a haunting beauty from whence arises a catharsis and wistful contemplation.

By way of an introduction – nothing at all.

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