MrVampire – What’s Missing – Single Review

The US alt-rock quartet, MrVampire, released the single What’s Missing today.



MrVampire are self-evidently a group of able song writers as What’s Missing (available on bandcamp), despite only lasting a smidgen over four minutes covers a wide soundscape of washed melodies that cosset the audience in a warm blanket.

The duo of guitars allow the track to develop the layers of the song while a cymbal centric drum-kit affords a clever pivot for phrases to rotate as the bass gently pulses under the radar and the voice, which has a sympathetic and well delivered emotional timbre is rounded by supporting chorus at well judged moments – all in all What’s Missing – which at its heart and soul is a rock’n’roll number – is adorned by superlative elements, without being overdone, to deliver a song that has the listener putting it on continual loop.


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