SouthScope – What Went Wrong – Video

The Australian indie-gaze trio will be live launching their new single What Went Wrong in their home town, Sydney, at The Record Crate on September 21st.



The sound has moved on from their EP Hindsight which came out a year ago on the 18th with the new song having a luxurious fuzziness to the guitar which has softened and added texturing to their music.

Word arrives that a few songs have been recorded recently and it will be interesting to discover whether this is indicative of their current path or a one off idea.

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Great Hare

Great Hare a dream rock band from Gothenburg in Sweden is Lars Olausson (Drums), Kalle Mogren (Guitar / Vocals), Anders Holmström (Guitar) and Berne Randulv (Bass).

Great Hare - dream rock from Sweden

Great Hare

Four friends who earlier had been in bands decided to get together to break the monotony of nine to five and because they were missing the pleasure of creating music and so came to fruition Great Hare.

In many ways reflecting that escapism, so the audience is taken on a floating ride of shimmery summer haze as the guitars weave their way across the room in tracks which can extend for over six minutes of dream rock. From the early days of an attic as an audience the escapology has turned in to a fully fledged recording outfit and more and more sounds are being released. Each a testament to their ability as musicians.

Perhaps it is the Swedish air, maybe it is because they have already had success as musicians in earlier iterations, but what ever it is Great Hare have a quiet relaxed confidence that gives the compositions a natural and easy air about them. As with the length of the tracks, the listener is left in a rested and unhurried mood as the notes gently and calmly settle on the ears.


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