Charlie Says – Vena Cava – EP Review

The Welsh rock quartet Charlie Says released the EP Vena Cava on the 30th of June.

Charlie Says

Charlie Says

These are a highly talented group of musicians who during the course of the roughly eighteen minutes of the four songs are able to wrest a whole gamut of emotional reaction from the listener.

Opening with the pulverising title track – the room is transformed in to a heaving mass of frenetic head banging and wayward air guitar as the song hurtles past the dancing bodies.

Next is the heart-aching melody and vocal extravaganza of Heartshaped that finds the floor washed in tears and is my pick of the release.

The penultimate song Witches transforms the sound to a latino rumble that underpins a cinematic theme and the feeling of the intimacy of the vocal.

Sadly the end of Vena Cava is signalled by the opening bars of the closer No More Glory which fires in to a raw blues rock number that fizzes with energy – leaving those in earshot shouting for more and I do look forward to hearing more by Charlie Says in short order.

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The Flesh Velvet – Facedown – Video

The Welsh rock trio The Flesh Velvet released the their début EP Chemical Elephant today.

The Flesh Velvet

The Flesh Velvet

The first of the four songs is Facedown which sets up a well put together roughly quarter of an hour of grungy rock which bleeds out of the speakers in smudgy riffs and intimates of a band who will quickly become better known.

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Ravenbreed – Lonely – Audio

The Welsh dark-metal band Ravenbreed are set to release their début three track single Hollowed on the 28th.

Ravenbreed - logo design by Richie Evans of Spark33

Ravenbreed – logo design by Richie Evans of Spark33

Two thirds of the single has been revealed in advance, the most recent of which is Lonely.

Another one of those moments in which you need to have your speaker system straining to stay on their anchors as you bury your head between the casements and if you don’t emerge with ears bleeding on completion of the tad under five and a third minutes song you either didn’t turn up the volume to maximum or you have appalling speakers, which probably means you never actually hear any music at all, rather reeds of noise.

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Bright Young People – So Confess – Video

The Welsh alt-rock trio Bright Young People released the single So Confess on the 10th.

Bright Young People

Bright Young People

Establishing themselves as live performance band Bright Young People are also able to find time to head to the studio to release new material and So Confess is a welcome addition to the catalogue.

The  combinations of grunge, brit-pop and rock’n’roll sear, like a branding iron, through the listener as the overdrive bass burrows through the speakers joined by a thumping percussion as the slowly unwinding guitar provides a loping reverb with the highly impressive vocal rounding out a track which attests to a trio with far to travel in the world of music.

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Band of the Month – October 2017 – Readers’ Choice

It seems that not only is it the Editor who discovered the selection for the Band Of The Month for October being difficult to decide it was the Readers’ too…

Junior Bill - band of the month October 2017

Junior Bill

..sometimes it is possible to set the selection for forward publishing the Readers’ Choice as much as a day in advance, such is the difference – this month however – it is within the last fifteen minutes I have finally been able to identify who the Readers’ Choice is to be – as the cut off point really is 23:59 UTC on the last day of the month.

I am equally aware that there is often the question – ‘how can I vote’ – and as always the answer remains that it is not possible to ‘vote’ as the calculation is made of five different algorithms of readers activity during the course of the month, in an attempt to preclude and alleviate ‘gaming the system’, which then comes up with one number and it has been that one number which has been changing between three bands until just before 23:50 UTC today – of most import The Readers’ Choice For Band Of The Month October is …

From Wales – Junior Bill.

The live recorded LP Above Your Station, released on the 27th, is available on bandcamp.

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