Whathappenedonthatisland is Jacob Whitcroft from Huddersfield in England.

Whathappenedonthatisland - a new project from England


Whathappenedonthatisland is a good example of why this website exists – still very much in formative mode, in fact it wouldn’t be far off to say this solo project doesn’t really exist yet other than in the minds eye of Jacob, but there is some music to hear and it does have potential and for that very fact deserves someone outside a close circle of family and friends to acknowledge its existence and give a thumbs-up.

An eclectic mix of experimental ambient drone is interspersed with humour and tangents and some pieces work well. In many ways I am reminded, both in band name in material to Lord Of The Flies by Golding. Most definitely not heading for the mainstream, Whathappenedonthatisland, is more a musical accompaniment to anxieties and confusion and for that very fact is a testament in the ability to transfer those perplexities to provide the listener with an unfolding journey. There have been a few other bands at various stages of development who have been reviewed who also carry out this autobiographical dialogue and as always I give full credit for allowing others into that introspection.

Does Whathappenedonthatisland have the legs to move forward? I believe so once a more focussed approach is developed, but for now that doesn’t matter and I wish Jacob all the best however he chooses to continue, what has already arrived is worth taking time to discover.


Welcome To My Black Lodge is available on bandcamp.

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