Weird Spheres – Hoping – Single Review

Weird Spheres is the gazed-parallax solo project of Rhodri Guerrier from England.

Weird Spheres

Weird Spheres

From time to time new tracks surface, the most recent of which is Hoping, which is in format an angular revisionism from which the blurry guitar sheers across the sharp edges of the phrases. A track which immediately captures the listeners attention with the juxtapositions of the diametrically opposed dynamics of the three elements of the piece – maths rock rhythm, breezing echoed guitar and hazy vocals. Rather than not making any sense; Weird Spheres lives up to the name and is able to deliver its abstruse concepts in cohesive, roughly two and three quarters minutes of, polarisation.

Word also arrives that plans are afoot to put together a live performance unit. Though nothing has been mentioned I am hoping that there will also be a collection of tracks put together in one release, imminently, as the is material best heard in lengthier stay.

As of yet there is no website or social media page to which I can direct you to connect with Weird Spheres.

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