Blushing – Hidden Places – Audio

Blushing, the US dreamgaze quartet, have revealed the second track on the EP Weak which is set for release on the 18th.

Blushing - photo credit @eddie_chavez_

Blushing – photo credit @eddie_chavez_

Having now had the opportunity to listen to the full five track release (available on bandcamp) I am able to reaffirm my initial thoughts when featuring the title track back in November, that this is an EP to grab hold of on release.

Each song on the roughly twenty three minutes release is of slightly different texturing whilst each leaves the listener drawing thoughts of time having been slowed while gazing at distant galaxies expanding and contracting.

I draw particular attention to the closing track Love You Twice, which I am not able to share at this stage, though that isn’t to say the track I am able to feature – Hidden Places – is in anyway of lesser ingenuity.

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Blushing – Weak – Video

The US dreamgaze quartet Blushing release the EP Weak on the 18th of January 2018.



A five track EP that will be released by the band on bandcamp as a digital version alternatively on vinyl via Austin Town Hall Records – also on bandcamp.

The title track, which is the the first of the five Weak – is a dreamy layer of shoegazey guitar and mesmerising vocal that seems to have discovered a means to slow down the speed of sound as the instrumentation and vocals apparently hang suspended in the air long after they should theoretically have disappeared, the drum-kit is also in on the act with cymbals extending phrases.

On the basis of the title song this will be an EP to add to the collection and bring out when discussing the physics of sound.

Unusually, when there is an option, on this occasion I selected the video rather than a higher quality audio version as the slow-motion playback encapsulates my thoughts visually.

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