New Arcades – Motionless – Audio

The English synth-wave duo New Arcades released the EP We Had It All for Just a Moment on the 29th.

New Arcades - Motionless

New Arcades

It is always a pleasure to travel with musicians on their journey of exploration and back in 2012 when first introduced – only two songs existed.

Motionless, the middle of the five tracks seems to be a righteous positioning for an update as the sweeping new-romantic synthetics submerge beneath a mellifluous anthemic chant, which if words fail finds hands slapping in time to body writhing.

New Arcades have ploughed their furrow to little spotlight for the past best of a half decade and to my mind have long served their apprenticeship, the only sadness is that they remain an ‘underground bastion’ of the best music that doesn’t gain commercial traction for no reason than people can’t be bothered. So I thank you, as a reader of the site,  for taking time to discover the musicians who should be better known but aren’t – for merely lack of happenstance.

One can only hope that at some point the mass market will awake their mind to the delights of New Arcades, rather than you discovering their latest ideas in yet another four years on this website, even though to do so is always a pleasure as the creative world of music needs more of these two and less of the latest ‘EMI foundlings’.

We Had It All for Just a Moment – EP – New Arcades is available on iTunes.*

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