Basic Bitches – We All Moved To The City Now We Can’t Afford To Live – Audio

The US based new wave outfit Basic Bitches released the LP City Slackers yesterday.

Basic Bitches

Basic Bitches

The heat of the fury can be felt as the music emerges through the speakers as snarling vocals and angry drums chase through the room. The low register of bass pounds in to the ears with guitar harrying the audience. That isn’t to say that it is all about rage as lyric can be sarcastic humour as well as insightful commentary of the world around.

Best not to play this before having an appraisal, unless the idea is to loose the job, as pent-up frustrations will inevitably spill-over. A band to play with volume turned up to fully submerge in to the music.

From the bakers dozen album (available on bandcamp)  the opener – We All Moved To The City Now We Can’t Afford To Live.


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