Terminal Gods – Discovery – Video

The English alt-rock quartet Terminal Gods have featured regularly since their introduction in 2013.

Terminal Gods - Discovery

Terminal Gods

With an ever expanding fan-base and live performance circuit, Terminal Gods have more than served their apprenticeship and are deserving of far greater recognition. The fact they aren’t, sadly, only goes to demonstrate the reality of the lottery-dice of the music industry.

From the LP Wave / Form (available on bandcamp), the sixth of the nine tracks – Discovery is a fine example of why they appear so frequently on Emerging Indie Bands.

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Terminal Gods – Connection & Rupture – Video

The English synth-wave band Terminal Gods release the LP Wave / Form on the 6th of May.

Terminal Gods - Wave / Form - artwork

Terminal Gods – Wave / Form – artwork

From the nine track album (available on bandcamp), the fifth – Connection & Rupture.

Remaining disinterested is not a viable option, as Terminal Gods open the track with studded silence before the collection of electronics, instrumentation and vocal combine to deliver just under three and three-quarter minutes of fluid sounds which scar the homogeneous sterilisation of free thinking through the continual barrage of the propaganda of neuro-linguistic-programming.

I look forward to the release of Wave / Form, which has a more overt societal-discordance than much of their earlier material, whilst retaining the dark brooding presence that makes their music such a pleasure.

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