War Waves – Sleep – Audio

The English anxiety-rock quartet War Waves will be releasing the EP Be Well on the 7th of December.

War Waves

War Waves

In advance, the song Sleep was released yesterday as a standalone single (available on bandcamp).

Think emo that has put on a smart pair of trousers and parted its hair and you will be in the right frame of mind on hitting play. The wringing restlessness trickles out of the speakers ensnaring the listener in its flattened frame as the room fills with the palpable feel of emotional-angst.

Emo is an oft maligned genre dismissed by many as merely the sound of growing pains. It is far more than that, as pretty well everyone at some point in time during every year, regardless of their age, goes through a crisis of confidence and in SleepWar Waves have been able to reflect, albeit with a slower hand though no less insightful, of when life just seems to pile on a heap of issues all at the same moment.

In so doing, War Waves, have also been able to salve at least one existential crisis for their fan-base as this marks their first release since 2016.

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