Twilight Fields – Waiting – Audio

The Canadian dream-rock project Twilight Fields released the LP Our Time Is Now on the 15th.

Twilight Fields - Waiting

Twilight Fields

Regularly featuring since being introduced in 2016 the album (available on bandcamp) finds a less melancholic mood than much of the material previously featured, though still of contemplative narrative.

The eleven track, roughly fifty six minutes, LP reflects on the value of close relationships in a world which is becoming ever more fractured.

Waiting is the third song.

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Vök – Waiting – Single Review

The Icelandic dream-synth trio Vök were initially introduced in 2014.

Vök - Waiting - artwork

Vök – Waiting – artwork

Their latest single Waiting once again finds Vök smoothing out the creases of the day in their idiosyncratic style.

Waiting feeds its way into the room in a mellowing fusion of electronics, before generating a head of steam as a rounded beat treads the floorboards and the dreamy vocals breathlessly embrace the listener.

The subtle echoes gives Waiting its other-worldly sense, while the looping electro-drum-pad gives the track a gravitational pull back to earth, which enables Vök to provide the audience with a space in which they can relax and fall-back onto the outstretched arms the trio proffer through the composition.

Vök are able to utilise the electronic kit to generate sounds which don’t jar the body into activity, rather hypnotically becalm as though in a darkened floating chamber.

Waiting – Single – Vök is available on iTunes.*

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