Ghost Of The Avalanche

Nick Wiltone (Bass / Vocals) and Miles Per-Hour (Drums / Vocals) from Bath in England form the rage-rock band Ghost Of The Avalanche.

Ghost Of The Avalanche - rage-rock from England

Ghost Of The Avalanche

A fury of sounds hurtle their way round the room as Ghost Of The Avalanche unfurl their combinations of bulldozer bass and pneumatic drum-kit. The duo are however far more than raging temper and loudness, as they are able to introduce moments of tenderness (do bear in mind that is a relative to the sheer brutality of the over-all sound) and given all they have to hand are two loud pieces of kit, that is some mean feat. The vocals are what allows them to inflect varying emotional draw to the music.

There would be little doubt that a drum / bass combination would lead me to suggest you spend time with the material, but despite this being able to be served at full volume, there is also plenty to get your ears to grapple with as Ghost Of The Avalanche deliver music which can be enjoyed in quieter mode.

Ghost Of The Avalanche are another example of musicians who are able to create more by stripping away the fat from the sounds add to which tracks, which rarely last more than three minutes, frequently not even making sixty seconds.

A new EP, the five track This Is Earth, is set for release on the 18th September.

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