Transatlantic Family Band – Vision – Single Review

The England based psychedelic-rock quintet Transatlantic Family Band released the single Vision today.

Transatlantic Family Band

Transatlantic Family Band

The echoing reverb laden guitars enmesh the listener in hues of trippy waves as the drifting synth floats mysteriously through the backdrop giving Vision a space-rock feel and the listener is minded of the likes of Hawkwind.

The propulsion for the music and the means by which there is a cohesion to the disparate elements comes from the omnipresent rumbling of bass and the drum-kit, that flows in and out of consciousness giving Vision (which is available on bandcamp) its shifting shapes while the quietly laid vocal rounds out a track, which although lasting for less than five minutes, finds the audience loosing track of time.

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Pet Symmetry – Stare Collection – Audio

The US indie-rock trio Pet Symmetry release the LP Vision on the 26th of May.

Pet Symmetry

Pet Symmetry

Formed as a way to let off some steam in 2013 Pet Symmetry quickly discovered they were pretty good at their fun hobby and started to craft well put together tracks, building themselves a solid fan-base and fun-filled live performances.

Despite their skill and loyal audience, they have never lost their  sense that this is something to enjoy with tracks that resonate of good humour, sometimes self-deprecating, othertimes more general wit and joie de vivre.

Stare Collection is the second of the eleven tracks on Vision.

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Vision – The Drop – Audio

Vision is a garage-rock outfit from the USA.



Within the past few hours their latest track – The Drop – came to light.

The slight distortion gives the piece a scratchy surface that enables Vision to deliver music that has an infectious quality as the hive of activity underpinning The Drop , with its with its influences of Britpop and new-wave, is shrouded from earshot.

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