Violet Class – Out On the Tyles – Video

Violet Class from England is a band I did write about in 2013 – an article you will never find for reasons of technology hiccups.

Violet Class

Violet Class

As you may well have noticed every related Social Media Page and related business activity is named IBB or Indie Bands Blog – yet the url is nothing to do with that brand name.

After four years of putting up with me constantly attempting to destroy the database in July 2103 I finally managed to break the tech and a new website had to start, or loose the old articles. I chose the former and the vast majority of previous reviews remain

Though much of Indie Bands Blog was retrieved there were about twenty forward scheduled reviews lost forever and Violet Class were one of them.

With fortitude I find a new video for a new song – Out On The Tyles.

One day there may be the head-space to find the right moment to write what I have written before and resurrect those missing reviews, though those who know me, equally know that rewriting is not something I really have any conviction or patience to undertake, which is why every review is written on a one take as I listen to the music, typed directly on to the website and set for a publication time immediately thereafter – replete with typographic errors.

So, a very belated apology to VividRiot and Violet Class – finally an article – not as first intended – but finally published.


Out On the Tyles – Single – Violet Class is available on iTunes*

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