Sun Kin – Violent Little Thing – Audio

The alt-rock project Sun Kin from the USA released the LP Moon For Days on the 1st.

Sun Kin - photo credit - Kevin Cheah

Sun Kin – photo credit – Kevin Cheah

The eighth of the ten tracks on the just over half an hour album – Violent Little Thing is a sound that combines various of the influences of Sun Kin as the track threads from a rock ‘n’ roll opening to an abrupt full-stop via the way of hints of electronica, in a composition I particularly enjoy and which encapsulates the nature of Moon For Days.

Although a good representation of the roller-coaster contemplation of Moon For Days, Violent Little Thing is somewhat atypical of its style. The album, as a whole, plays prominently with acoustic guitar and extended notes as Sun Kin explores introspective musings of relationships, throughout the release, with sounds ranging far and wide. Rather than the disparity of genre styles that appear in the album becoming a stumbling block to enjoyment, it is this very diversity that brings Moon For Days to life as it reflects on the emotional turmoil of the subject matter.

Moon For Days, which is available on bandcamp, is an LP to pull of the shelves when in contemplative mood as Sun Kin reveal a journey which is at once melancholic whilst simultaneously cathartic and well worth adding the wardrobe.

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