Vinz Clortho – Endless Road – Audio

The US gnarly-blues quintet Vinz Clortho are working towards the release of their début LP, which is due out later this year.

Vinz Clortho

Vinz Clortho

On the 22nd they will be releasing the track Endless Road, which joins their previous two singles as their full recording catalogue thus far – marking of a band who have much to add to the music for road trips playlist and an album I look forward to being able to add to the collection.

On pulling in to a semi-abandoned town in the middle of nowhere Endless Road is precisely the track that you would want hear rumbling out of a dimly lit bar as immediately there is a sense of welcoming to a fellow-traveller and ahead beckons a certainty of an evening in company with those, as yet unknown, who will become life-long friends.

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