The Lucid Dream – SX1000 – Video

The English acid-house outfit The Lucid Dream are working on a new LP, their fourth.

The Lucid Dream - SX1000

The Lucid Dream

It was back in 2016 that The Lucid Dream last featured and the gap of time finds them in very different mood. At the time very much a psychedelic manifest, the first track to surface from the album – which will itself be released as a standalone single on the 6th of April – SX1000 (be aware video contains flashing images), discovers a ’90s dancefloor filler of stonking acid-house.

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Tusky – Armed To The Teeth – Video

The Netherlands alt-rock band Tusky released the LP Rated Gnar on the 2nd.

Tusky - Armed To The Teeth


Showcasing their blend of grunge, indie and heavy rock the antepenultimate of the nine songs is Armed To The Teeth.

Establishing a loyal fan base with their high energy live performances, the release of the album can only help in drawing in a more global audience.

Rated Gnar – Tusky is available on iTunes.*

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SSHH – Rising Tide – Video

The English electro-goth duo SSHH released the single Rising Tide on the 2nd.



The release actually contains one original and seven remixes, excessive? I pass no comment, every musician does as they think suits the character of their vision, other than to be enamoured by the original version of the song that swarms through the ears as though cockroaches having found an opening in a floor-board as the hypnotic vocal and clicking electronica burrows in to the brain.


Rising Tide is available on Amazon.*

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*Purchases made through the Amazon link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

The Slow Readers Club – Through The Shadows – Video

The English indie-rock band The Slow Readers Club release the LP Build A Tower on the 4th of May.

The Slow Readers Club - Through The Shadows

The Slow Readers Club

Those who are on top of the music scene in the UK may ponder ’emerging indie band’? Really, what about…? …Those of longer stay will also be aware that bands first featured when ’emerging’ are occasionally followed with features here and there to update on activity and The Slow Readers Club are one of those moments – a band who were first introduced in 2013.

Sadly they have an irritating habit of removing music within a short while of it being revealed, so have little faith this will still be around to hear within a couple of months, do catch it whilst you can, from the forthcoming album Through The Shadows – the sixth of the ten tracks – was caught in live performance.

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Circus worlD – High – Video

The Manx alt-rock duo Circus WorlD are due to imminently release the EP The Deceiver.

Circus worlD - HIGH

Circus worlD

The first track to appear from the release being the fuzzy-rock number High that fizzes with the static-electricity of the guitar set against a menacing voice which give the song a dark oppressive air in to which the listener eagerly accepts invitation to enter the dimly lit doorway and head down the narrow steep staircase to discover what other delights lay in store in the rest of The Deceiver.

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