The Haves – Chase The Sun – Video

The Haves is a US noise-rock quartet.

The Haves - photo by - Hannah Lee Photography

The Haves – photo by – Hannah Lee Photography

Their most recent release has been revealed as a live video recording.

Chase The Sun takes the listener on an nine minute journey of colliding barrages of sound that slam out of the speakers in an unrelenting wall of dissociative progressive experimentalism through which the strangulated vocal pierces the the eardrums.

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Black Book Lodge – Spoil The Child – Video

The Danish alt-rock quartet Black Book Lodge release the LP Steeple And Spire on the 18th of May.

Black Book Lodge

Black Book Lodge

The first track to surface from the album (available via target records) – Spoil The Child, which was itself released as a standalone single on the 2nd, showcases their intriguing meld of stoner and progressive rock filtered through strong melodic sections.

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Spoil the Child – Single – Black Book Lodge is available on iTunes.*

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Rainbow Sahana – Suis moi ! – Video

Rainbow Sahana is a French electrodream duo.

Rainbow Sahana

Rainbow Sahana

The most recent song to surface is Suis moi ! .

The stunning conjoin between Indian vocal imprint and dreamy synthesis which sets up the just over five minutes track prior to both voice and instrumentation merging in to a cohesion of instrumentation and voice, both, gliding betwixt Western European spacey-IDM and Indian tradition finds the listener skipping back through the track even as it plays through on first occasion, just to make sure they have got it right in their mind, which is prior to putting it on continual loop as Premsanthy Dubois and Pierrick Levé fuse influences.

I therefore suggest setting aside at least an hour for Suis Moi! prior to hitting play.


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Наадя (Naadia) – Спутник (Satellite) – Video

The Russian dream-wave band Наадя (Naadia) have regularly appeared since their introduction in 2016.

Наадя (Naadia) - Спутник (Satellite)


Recorded in live performance in Moscow and of more punctuated countenance than music of theirs more usually featured.

Спутник (Satellite) revolves around a skittish electronica through which the scintillating voice of Надежда Грицкевич (Nadya Griskiewicz) echoes as though imploring from a buried sarcophagus.

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Harry Gump – Longing For More – Video

The German agit-folk project Harry Gump is due to imminently release the Waterfront EP.

Harry Gump - photo credit - Lautundwild

Harry Gump – photo credit – Lautundwild

The first track to surface from the EP, may well be known to those who have seen Harry Gump live, for those of us who haven’t, Longing For More is its first outing from an EP, having regularly featured the music since being introduced in 2014,  I recommend adding to the collection when made available.

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