Peace On Earth – Where We Are – Video

The Swedish gaze-rock trio Peace On Earth release their début LP – Silent Killer – tomorrow.

Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

An eight track album of shadowy reverberating guitar, muffled drum-kit, solid bass and hazy vocal which has an hypnotic, slightly psychedelic tinge, in which the listener finds their mind and body coexisting.

The songs thread through shifting dynamics, with some tracks fairly sprinting through the room, others almost motionless which adds to the magical mystery ride of the album which holds the attention throughout its approximately fifty three minutes of duration.

The second track on the LP is Where We Are.

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Axiom Tha Wyze vs. ZERO – Epic Cypher – Video

The US hip-hop artists Axiom Tha Wyze and ZERO recently joined Imminence Records.

ZERO - Photo credit - Rase Littlefield

ZERO – Photo credit – Rase Littlefield

By way of an introduction and welcome to the label they recently got together for a live session in the studio which surfaced as a video with the title Epic Cypher.

Axiom Tha Wyze

Axiom Tha Wyze

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Tina Boonstra – I Think I See You Now – Video

The English melancholic folk creator Tina Boonstra is due to release the EP My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again) on the 2nd of February.

Tina Boonstra

Tina Boonstra

The second song to be revealed from the EP, I Think I See You Now, was also released as a stand alone single on the 12th.

The frail tendrils of the song hang like an spiders web in a meadow on a frosty morning gleaming in the dawn sunlight, slender yet forthright. The open weave and simplicity of the architecture of I Think I See You Now surrounding the fragile vocal, which threatens to splinter as it emerges from the speakers, finds the audience hushed in unwavering attention as the emotionally charged composition floats through the room.


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The Braves – Side By Side – Video

The Australian alt-rock trio The Braves made available the second reveal from the forthcoming LP Carry On The Con recently.

The Braves - Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

The Braves – Photo by Alexandra Rosenblum

Side By Side has a film-noir filter in to which the listener immediately wishes to dive under the duvet and entangle in crossed limbs. The sliding soundscape reminds the audience to stretch out an arm to grab hold of a lotion in which oil the torso.

The song is presented through a muffled barrier which affords Side By Side its beguiling allure with the sprinkled guitar spraying through a baffled bass and percussion combination while the vocal breathes huskily over the earlobes.

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Half Eaten – Brain Dead – Video

The USA psychedelic quartet Half Eaten will be releasing their début LP Garbage Games on the 1st of January next year.

Half Eaten

Half Eaten

The first song to appear being – Brain Dead – that opens with spirals through the ears in mesmerising waves of stretched guitar string in which the mind is fixated long after the phrasing has moved on, to catch up with a loping Jaguar, dappled against the foliage, around the edge of a lake prior to launching on its sighted prey.

On the basis of this song alone – I am already looking forward to 2018 with a sense of enthusiasm when I will be able put fingers on the full album.

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