Bec Sandridge – Linens – Video

Bec Sandridge from Australia has featured on the site many times since her introduction back in 2012.

Bec Sandridge - Linens

Bec Sandridge

Whilst on a recent European tour Bec recorded a live version of Linens with Sofar Sounds in Amsterdam, as part of their songs from a room series.

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Léo Elso – La Cerisaie ( The Cherry Orchard ) – Video

Léo Elso originally from France and now based in England was introduced at the end of last year.

Léo Elso -TH3ÂTRES - artwork

Léo Elso -TH3ÂTRES – artwork

With rumours of a new release coming out in October, a new video from his last release the  five track  –TH3ÂTRES has just been revealed, the second on the EP – La Cerisaie ( The Cherry Orchard ).

TH3ÂTRES is available on bandcamp.

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Dems – Muscle Memory – Video

The English band Dems are set to release their début LP Muscle Memory on the 14th October.

Dems - Muscle Memory

Dems – Muscle Memory

From a session recorded earlier this year by Sofar Sounds, as part of their video a day series on youtube, whilst Dems were at SXSW – a live version of the title track.

More by Dems.

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