Les Manteez – Venus – Audio

The French sultrywave duo Les Manteez released the LP Season Five on the 25th of May.

Les Manteez

Les Manteez

Another one of those musical acts best heard whilst nestled with another as the alluring songs trickle through the ears.

Venus, the opening track of the six on the album portrays less of the planet and more of the Roman Goddess of love, beauty and desire in its journey as it opens an LP of passionate moment feeding to a nerve trembling and full body orgasm to savour long after the 23 minutes of the foreplay of Season 5 has faded from the mind.

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Season 5 – EP – Les Manteez is available on iTunes.*

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Cabo Blanco – Venus – Audio

The US retro-EDM creator Cabo Blanco will be releasing the AA side single L.O.V.E. / Venus on the 11th of January next year.

Cabo Blanco - photo credit - Lindley Warren

Cabo Blanco – photo credit – Lindley Warren

L.O.V.E. is deeply rooted in 80s’ RnB dance.

My selection of the release (available on bandcamp) – Venus – minds more of ’90s chillroom club with its escalating threads and descending drops which captivate the limbs and finds the listener, without prompting, moving their body to shake with the beats.

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Hemina – High Kite Ride – Audio

The Australian progressive-metal quartet Hemina release the LP Venus on the 11th of November.



The just over eighty minute eleven track + one bonus album (available on bandcamp), needs to be approached with plenty of time to spare as to be in a hurry will only bring frustration as the quartet are in no rush to reach the finishing line within the extended tracks, some of which run to over ten minutes, whilst, in right frame of mind this is a release that successfully takes the listener on a far reaching journey to be savoured.

The third composition, running at a tad over nine minutes, High Kite Ride, is one of the faster tempo pieces on the release with its roots firmly set in metal from which they expand the themes to a glittering parade of extended guitar phraseology with sympathetic synths providing a subtle backwash.


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