Hooded Fang – Shallow – Audio

Time is fast approaching the release of the LP Venus On Edge by the Canadian agit-rock quartet Hooded Fang – roll on the 13th.

Hooded Fang - Venus On Edge - artwork

Hooded Fang – Venus On Edge – artwork

Tempting audiences with the odd track here and there the latest to surface in advance of the album is Shallow.

Just over three minutes of irritated Cobra venom sprays across the room in a visceral rage over a world in which lacking substance is to be acceptably poised.

Turn up the volume and then force the speakers a little louder and the sound will reward you with an infectious tribal dance of pulsing percussion and bass which finds you skittering in to all bodies surrounding you in joyful abandon.

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Hooded Fang – Tunnel Vision – Audio

The Canadian agit-rock quartet Hooded Fang are set to release the LP Venus On Edge on the 13th of May.

Hooded Fang

Hooded Fang

The first track to surface from the album Tunnel Vision tests both tweeter and sub-woofer as Hooded Fang cast an abstemious pall of cloud on a society in which all that counts is social media likes and shares, with the deepest pocket being the most pertinent.

The jolting diaphanous sounds reminds me of a hand pumping a heart in cardiac arrest as Hooded Fang split peas into fine pieces of tenuous membrane in a track which dismembers contextual inconsequential social malaise.

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