The Chessmen – Gonzo – Single Review

The English mod trio The Chessmen release their début single Gonzo on the 21st.

The Chessmen

The Chessmen

My apologies for the late response on this one as it has been sitting in my in-box since last month.

A change of line-up and a change of name from Vendettas discovers an out-fit bursting with energy and exuberance.

Gonzo bounces out of the speakers with a timeless freshness and vitality. The surface would have it this is ’60s beat inspired number, the crunchy beat-stops would suggest something of the mod generation, but it is more than the sum of those parts as The Chessmen dust down the drainpipes to deliver an uncluttered dance track for the ’10s.

The gradually accelerating just under two and a half minute song finds the audience equally stepping faster, until both song and listener collapse in a heap.

It is of no surprise they have already established a live local presence and Gonzo should, if justice prevails, find The Chessmen finding a far broader audience and I look forward to hearing much more of the trio in short order.

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