Vegas With Randolph – The Girl Holding Out For Me – Video

It was back in 2011 that Vegas With Randolph were introduced and I am led to believe they are finalising a new LP for next year.

Vegas With Randolph - The Girl Holding Out For Me - artwork

Vegas With Randolph – The Girl Holding Out For Me – artwork

From the planned release – The Girl Holding Out For Me which is available on bandcamp.

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Vegas With Randolph – You Set The World On Fire – Video

The review of Rings Around The Sun by Vegas With Randolph saw a welcome return of the USA based band to the websites.

Vegas With Randolph - You Set The World On Fire

Vegas With Randolph

A new video for the opening track You Set The World On Fire has just appeared.

Rings Around the Sun – Vegas With Randolph is available on iTunes*.

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Vegas With Randolph – Rings Around The Sun – LP Review

Vegas With Randolph have just released their fourteen track LP – Rings Around the Sun.

Vegas With Randolph - LP review - Rings Around The Sun

Vegas With Randolph – cover of Rings Around The Sun

Opening with You Set The World On Fire which at just under four minutes lets the listener settle into Rings Around The Sun with sounds that contain the familiar, yet demonstrates the evolution of the band over the years as the lyrics take us through some of the significant scientific, astrological  and other figures in history.

Salt Water Taffy takes the sounds to a more centrist garage rock tilt with a space-rock undercurrent. I particularly enjoy this track, which was featured just a few days ago.

Cool Things shakes the release in to full flow with a track that picks up the pace with a summery rock feel to it.

Next up is Nikki’s Plan takes the story of life goal and delivers a more thought provoking lyrical concept yet keeps it in tune with the up-beat and effervescent nature of the story so far. It isn’t easy to maintain the journey that is Vegas With Randolph as within four songs we have had four distinctive styles, yet this is the essential core of who they are and why it is always a pleasure to review their material as although they maintain that creative streak and continually wrong-foot the listener, there is at the heart of it the unmistakeable sound of the band that keeps it all coherent.

Almost to prove the point – Broadway – a blues rock number lasts for all of 40 seconds of pithy commentary.

Empathia is classic rock and roll and a fine addition to the release.

Everybody Wants An Atomb Bomb is somewhat jingoistically anthemic and not for me.

Julianne which opens up the second half of Rings Around The Sun more than makes up for it as the melodic guitars sail across the room astride a soul searching vocal.

Snow Day has a delightful almost symphonic introduction before hurtling back to the core sounds of the band.

Late June is my pick of the release as it shows the band in full flow and showcases their talent.

Open Roads is an acoustic led piece and the construction of the song demonstrates Vegas With Randolph have a full handle on making the most out of compositions.

My Lost Colony finds the band once again in a more reflective mood as the deeper notes are given space to set the mood.

The penultimate and title track runs at over five minutes and is the longest piece on the album and the listeners find themselves in another completely different mood setting.

Closing out the LP is Drops of Gold and Vegas With Randolph complete a delightful journey around the Rings Around The Sun with a flourish.

An appropriately named LP given the vast distances musically that the audience is taken, which the band carries off with style.  As with previous releases by the band there are various bonus tracks depending on the format you get hold of the LP so I won’t cover these in the review.

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Vegas With Randolph – Salt Water Taffy – Audio

Vegas With Randolph release their new LP Rings Around The Sun imminently.

Vegas With Randolph - cover for Rings Around The Sun

Vegas With Randolph – cover for Rings Around The Sun

Track 2 on the release is Salt Water Taffy and despite it being over two years since I last wrote about the band, the sound is immediately recognizable.

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