Them Moose Rush

Them Moose Rush an alt-rock trio from Bjelovar in Croatia is Nikola Runjavec (Guitar / Vocals), Vedran Komlen (Drums) and Branimir Kuruc (Bass).

Them Moose Rush - alt-rock from Croatia

Them Moose Rush

Steeped in progressive psychedelia Them Moose Rush challenge the listener with their meandering guitar led sounds. Perpetually sounding on the edge of a breakdown the music will split audiences into those who hear nails on a blackboard and those who hear beefed up blues. Where ever you personally sit on the scale there is no doubt that you will pay attention and for a band, it is far better to be noticed than unheard.

A busy out-fit in the local environs  Them Moose Rush can often be found on stage, providing testament to their live performances and this has been supplemented by a recent seven track LP – The Future Miss Sunshine. If you are a fan of acid rock the trio will be exactly in the right vein, for those with a more traditional take on rock, it is most certainly worth taking the music for a run-out and giving time for brain to adjust. Within the twists and turns there is a group of musicians who are able to frame their compositions within a context and add relevant variations the theme.


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