Rocha – Quebra Mundo – LP review

The Brazilian rage rock quartet Rocha released their six track LP Queba Mundo on the 24th December.

Rocha - Quebra Mundo

Rocha – Quebra Mundo

All over in less than twenty minutes Rocha provide sharp tracks of social commentary. Opening with the very brief Vaza which sets out the stall of Quebra Mundo with an encouraging call for cohesion amongst the disaffected and a ray of hope worth working towards.

Filosofia sets out to frame the dichotomies of the message taught and the realities of life in a searing white heat of vocal, instrument and percussion gaining coherence as the track develops over the just under three minutes.

Cinza is a tempestuous affair looking at personal relationships as the percussion is left to run riot across an even faster tempo.

The Title track offers a more conciliatory tone as Rocha open up the spaces between the notes affording the listener a slight breathing space.

Guerra De Nervos aurally does exactly what it says on the tin – The fastest track on the LP, running for two minutes fifty five seconds of interplay between the players. My pick of the release simply for the control at speed.

Concluding with Autoridade which finds Rocha in fine form as they introduce a different side to the band, a more playful and inventive streak with a track that extends for over five minutes.

Quebra Mundo is an LP to sheer away any sluggishness and is available through bandcamp.

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