New Year Ninety 2014 – 70 to 61

The New Year Ninety Chart once again showcases a diversity of music styles reflective of the varied interests of the readers of the website who make it all worthwhile and I wish you all the best for 2014.

New Year Ninety - The best independent music

New Year Ninety – The best independent music

70. The Varsity (England)

69. Mi Mye (England)

Sometimes Life’s Cool – Mi mye is available on iTunes*.

68. LaDiDa (Sweden)

67. Slint (USA)

Spiderland – Slint is available on iTunes*.

66. The Chapman Family (England)

Cruel Britannia – The Chapman Family is available on iTunes*.

65. Comfort Slacks (USA)

Biscuit Face – Comfort Slacks is available on iTunes*.

64. The Newds (England)

Ready – The Newds is available on iTunes*.

63. Sculpture (England)

62. Van Funk (Canada)

13 – Van Funk is available on iTunes*.

61. Cable35 (Malta / England)

Fungus – Cable35 is available on iTunes*.

*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Van Funk

Van Funk a blues folk duo from Edmonton in Canada is Jordan Van Funk (Vocals / Guitar) and Jessica Fedorek (Vocals / Harmonica).

Van Funk: Artwork for 13

Van Funk: Artwork for 13

Despite it being just pre-dawn as I type, even though I don’t drink the stuff, I feel an urgent need for a whisky to match the mood on hitting play as the gravel rolls around the speakers prior to clipping across the room. Van Funk deliver their music with context, timing and atmosphere and the best bet for the audience is to soak up the sounds on offer.

Drifting instrumentation floats serenely, accompanied by voices laden with emotive context and the combination of the two brings the material to life, feeding into the soul of the listeners. Originally getting together in 2011 the duo have always been prolific songwriters and have managed to hone down a selection for their debut LP which comes out, appropriately, on the 13th December, with the name of 13 which is named after the number of songs on the LP, although ironically there is a fourteenth – but you will need to grab hold of the release when it comes out to find out about that one.

I have had the opportunity to listen to 13 and can say that if you have an interest in blues with a touch of folk, rock, funk and garage this is a fine addition to the collection. Whilst they have been working on the LP they have maintained a live presence and I feel Van Funk have a sound best shared with friends and strangers. If they get to play near you, I would think it likely to be an evening well spent.


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