Valerio Lysander – The Prince – Audio

The England based avant-garde creator Valerio Lysander released the LP We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards The Sunlight on the 21st.

Valerio Lysander - photo by Barry Locke Music

Valerio Lysander – photo by Barry Locke Music

Akin to taking a seat in a theatre to watch a play, so it is best to approach the bakers dozen album, which is available on bandcamp, as the approximately fifty three minutes performance performs its tale.

The tracks range through quiet soliloquies to broadside compositions which invite the audience to add their own imageboards.

The fifth song is the lilting melody of The Prince.

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Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – Video

It has been over three years since the England based sardonic-rock project Valerio Lysander last featured.

Valerio Lysander - I'm screwed - artwork

Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – artwork

The latest release, a one track plus one remix single, I’m screwed (available on bandcamp) discovers a different set of brushes heading to the canvass.

Whilst the distinctive voice is immediately recognisable there is a more rancorous perspective, that snaps through the room in a track that reflects of a world receding in to silos of isolation disregarding anything other being in a fortified bunker, which lays under a warm blanket of keys, acoustic guitar and kazoo.

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Valerio Lysander

Valerio Lysander originally from Italy now based in London – England is centred around Valerio Lysander accompanied by Rui Silva (Guitar), Joanna Roberts (Trumpet) and Andrea Rocha (Cello).

Valerio Lysander - avant-garde from England

Valerio Lysander

I always enjoy musicians who stretch the boundaries of probability regular readers will know and Valerio Lysander is a case in point and it is thanks to this sort of creativity that makes being a music reviewer such fun and unlikely a space, as were I not doing this, there is a ninety-nine point nine recurring percent probability I would never have come across it and more than that, I have the opportunity to share it with you and we would all have missed out.

Combining the classicism of Mahler and Cole Porter should in principle have me running for the hills, but instead I find an intriguing space in which to lay my head for a while. There is a haunting fascination to the resulting outpourings which discourse an impressionist perspective on the surrounding spaces in finely composed pieces of music.

When I find myself contacted by talented musicians and song-writers of which ever genre it is always a pleasure to invite you to spend some time to consider that which would, day by day pass you by. I extend a welcome to Valerio Lysander and thank you for doing what you do so well, adding much to the world of music.


Tidal Mental Head – Valerio Lysander is available on iTunes*.

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