herMajesty – I Saw The Dog – Audio

The US alt-rockers herMajesty release the two track single I Saw The Dog on vinyl on the 2nd of November and digitally on the 8th.

herMajesty - I Saw The Dog - vinyl test pressing

herMajesty – I Saw The Dog – vinyl test pressing

A couple of years since last featured it is appropriate to refresh the mind.

I Saw The Dog is a timeless track which takes in a disparate set of influences which have a richness of analogue warmth to them that allows each element to shine in its own channel affording the song an intricate weave of texturing which is almost tangible as it floats through the room. The evocative guitars snake around the supple vocal whilst a quietly drifting synthesis creates hazy extensions through which the drum-kit, that maximises the available skins, develops a hypnotic focus off its own and the pulsing bass rounds out the composition as it provides the anchoring and solidity to the erstwhile ethereal soundtrack.

Whilst the digital version is able to capture some of the warmth, I would posit the physical release will do more justice.

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Haulm – They Came Along – Single Review

The US shimmerwave duo Haulm released the single They Came Along on the 11th.



The listener is doused in the sense of a warm summer-shower as the track threads through the room refracting rainbows of colour in to which the audience is drawn whilst the song affords a depth of texturing which is completely unanticipated.

I often receive notification by readers who let me know they are taken by, and enjoy, the breadth of music featured and it does take me by surprise too as my roots are firmly based in punk rock from 1975 to 1979 so to digress outside that orbit is always something logically I am unable to articulate, however, music is intrinsically about emotional connection and not ‘fact based pragmatism’ – hence I am asking you to spend time with that from which theoretically I should already have run out of town to escape, though haven’t, and neither should you as within the song lays a cohesion of sounds which lay a spiders web of tensile flexibility in which to lay mesmerised.

The synthetic folds of They Come Along slip through their iterations as though a silk fan folding and expanding by which the listener becomes transfixed in the hypnotic weaving translucency of the composition.

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They Came Along – Single – HAULM is available on iTunes.*

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The Howlin’ Souls – Viva La Revolucion (again) – Single Review

The US rock’n’roll quartet released the single Viva La Revolucion (again) on the 13th.

The Howlin' Souls

The Howlin’ Souls

A song title often used by musicians and yet, other than the original Mexican Revolutionary song title in common, often not a cover rather a fresh take on current world politics and this is the case with The Howlin’ Souls and the track Viva La Revolucion (again) which is available on bandcamp.

More normally their music has a focus on extensive blues guitar – in the single emphasis is placed on the thumping drum kit which piles its way in to the ears with vocal subtly flowing in and out of limelight and while the riffs of the six stringer is, as expected, present it plays a more supporting role than usually the case.


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Wargirl – Start a Fire – Single Review

Wargirl is a US protest-rock band.

Wargirl - Photo by @b.a.cherry

Wargirl – Photo by @b.a.cherry

In collaboration with Cold War Kids and Anne Dereaux, as a group of friends, gathering around to contemplate the pariah state in to which their home country has descended. They surfaced with a new protest piece that draws influence by each from their natural tendency.

Resulting in the organic and uncompromising track Start A Fire which bleeds across the room in a stretching of fingertips to offer a message of collectivism with those equally as ground down by the State wherever they are in the world in an approaching five minute number that has an extemporised feeling, self-assuredness, yet calmness of intonation combined with a sense of genuine bafflement as to how things have come to pass in a song that resonates globally for its expressive consternation and frustration.

Wargirl – website

Cold War Kidswebsite

Anne Dereauxsocial media page

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Killing Kuddles

Killing Kuddles is the new-wave trio of Elwood KuddlesSteven Walker and Adrian Hruszkewycz from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.

Killing Kuddles -new-wave from the USA

Killing Kuddles -new-wave from the USA

If ever music was made for the throttle pogo Killing Kuddles realise it with their foot to floorboard freneticism, which can’t but have you minded of CBGBS ’75-78. The abandonment and free-form thought of the creations, which reflect of a world in which they find much to disagree is directly hurled though the speakers and in the music you hear pulsating around the room.

No matter how much you move everything out-of the way, you will still crash into something in a wild sense of oblivion. If you are still supine after hitting play, I think you are probably reading the wrong website and the excitement of a weather forecast may be more appropriate.

Disparaging bass throws itself around the walls, whilst a scatter of percussion fires shots around the head as a basic chord structure on the guitar expresses all that is needed and the vocal leaves palpable traces of phlegm in the eardrums – what more does music need?


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