N DOT C – Permission – Audio

It was at the tail end of 2016 that the US acerbic hip-hop creator N DOT C last featured.

N DOT C - Permission


The newest song to surface – Permission – takes a look at the structures of the ‘9 to 5’ and how it fits in to fulfilling ones own life goals whilst pondering how to strike a meaningful balance as opposed to merely meeting the demands of others to enable them to achieve theirs.

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Tancred – Reviews – Audio

The US alt-rock project Tancred releases the LP Nightstand on the 1st of June.

Tancred - Reviews


It has been over two years since Tancred last featured though on hitting play the distinctive vocal is immediately recognisable whilst the the overall sound itself feels fuller with a humming electronica laying a soft carpet for the music.

The first track to surface of the eleven on the LP, which is available on bandcamp, is the penultimate – Reviews.

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Ed Pastorini – Loss – Audio

The US avant-garde creator Ed Pastorini released the LP Strange Lures on the 27th of March.

Ed Pastorini

Ed Pastorini

Strange Lures is a roughly forty eight minutes, fifteen track, release (available on bandcamp) of haunting piano led twists and turns that once the audience starts the journey finds themselves becoming ever more drawn in to listening more avidly to the tortured twists and turns of the album.

Serving as an introduction to an LP I do recommend getting to know, one of the more readily accessible pieces is the fifth composition – Loss.

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Forest Robots – Silhouettes Follow The Echoes – Audio

The US ambient electronica project of Fran DominguezForest Robots – released the LP Supermoon Moonlight Part One yesterday.

Forest Robots

Forest Robots

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) is best approached with plenty of time to hand to listen to the full heading towards three quarters of an hour of gently bubbling compositions, which work as a single body, rather than snatching glimpses.

Forest Robots creates, unexpectedly given the name of the project and the array of electronica deployed, music with has the effect of forming the almost tangible organic presence of a dappled moonlight flickering, through a canopy of breeze brushed leaves, in a quiet wood.

As an introduction and gateway to get a sense of the album,  the fifth song- Silhouettes Follow The Echoes.


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Nate Utley – A Million Songs – Video

Nate Utely is a US acoustic-rock musician.

Nate Utely

Nate Utely

Nate Utely predominately creates music which has an undertow of quiet melancholia as the notes of the guitar ebb and flow around the emotionally laden vocal though the most recent track to surface – A Million Songs – is of a more sprightly nature than previous material with a more upbeat mood than to be expected by taking a listen to the back catalogue.

Time will tell if this is a new direction of travel or a one off showcase of a broader song-writing skill set.


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