Liv Slingerland – Come Back To Me – Video

Liv Slingerland is a US alt-rock project.

Liv Slingerland - @cheese7224

Liv Slingerland – @cheese7224

With only three tracks available for those of us who haven’t been able to catch live performances of an outfit that is beginning to gain wider traction.

The three songs are each of different texturing, one being a rock driven ballad another an indie inspired composition the third, which was recently caught in live studio performance, the brit-bluesy Come Back To Me.


Come Back to Me – Single – Liv Slingerland is available on iTunes.*

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Martin Del Carpio – November (Black Rose) – Video

The US sadcore creator Martin Del Carpio is working on the details for a new LP.

Martin Del Carpio - photo by @murraybrooklyn

Martin Del Carpio – photo by @murraybrooklyn

Regularly crafting music, always of sad countenance, the most recent song to surface November (Black Rose) is made more sorrowful with the melancholic notes of piano leading a composition that was inspired by the death of their mother.

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Gogo Luck – If I Slipped Your Mind – Audio

Gogo Luck is a US lofi-emo creator.

Gogo Luck

Gogo Luck

This is another one of those features which starts with an apology to one and all as it was back in 2016 that I received an email of introduction, which I have only just got to reading an occurence I fully regret having been the case as Gogo Luck is a  prodigious creator of music and many marvellous tracks have slipped under the bridge – a catalogue with which it is well worth getting to grips – and I look forward to featuring with frequency in the future.

Perhaps appropriately the most recent track to surface is entitled If I Slipped Your Mind – given the lengthy delay in actually putting fingers to keyboard.

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polemica – Silly Me – Audio

The Italy based agit-rock quartet polemica released the LP Breach on the 9th.

Polemica - photo by Mariangela Quadrini


A ten track album (available on bandcamp) that winds its way deep in to the mind of the listener as the quartet reflect on a world of social-injustice and deliver intriguing queries and angles of perspective all wrapped inside combinations of synth and guitar which have a dystopian presence that looms through the room with the pacey percussion inviting the listener to become involved with the music on the dance-floor while the immersive and expressive vocal unerringly sweeps through melodies and sneering contempt.

The music minds of the likes of the ’80s UK protest bands such as Crass, Poison Girls, Canker Opera etc. with the politically charged message and challenging constructs which veer from structured rock’n’roll to almost experimental spikes – hence with no doubt – as longer stay readers will know – a sound I have no hesitation in recommending to add to the essentials of life playlist.

The sixth track is Silly Me.

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Nights – Gone – Single Review

The US alt-rock project Nights released the single Gone on the 8th.

Nights - Gone


Introduced in January with the single HollowGone is of more feisty nature with its rock underpinning that surrounds the disarming vocal in a three and almost three quarters minutes of music which belies that this is a newish project, from a musician I was keen to hear more from on the back of just one song in January – even more so the case now and with fortune there will be an LP or EP surfacing sooner rather than later.

As I discover more news, I will aim to keep you appraised.

Gone – NIGHTS is available on iTunes.*

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