NGHT WLVS – Action – Audio

NGHT WLVS is a US electrohop trio.



Newly out of the block with only a handful of tracks to hear NGHT WLVS have already discovered a golden seam of creativity to mine.

Songs meld scathing commentary of societal iniquities with retrospective disco-soul electronica creating generous textures that tempt the audience both to the dance-floor and street protest.

By way of an introduction – Action.

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Cyber Bullies – Born In The Mid To Late ’60s – Audio

The US new wave quartet Cyber Bullies released the EP Leather And Lazers on the 3rd.

Cyber Bullies - Leather And Lazers - artwork

Cyber Bullies – Leather And Lazers – artwork

The five track release (available on bandcamp) is all done and dusted in two hundred and ninety six seconds with the listener being minded of the delight that was The Damned of the ’70s as the theoretically irrelevant keyboard somehow becomes the fulcrum for the music.

The opening track, lasting precisely sixty seconds, is Born In The Mid To Late ’60s.

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Levy & The Oaks – Another Night Out In Asbury – Audio

The US indie-rock trio Levy & The Oaks released the LP Sound Of The City yesterday.

Levy & The Oaks - Another Night Out In Asbury

Levy & The Oaks

Last featured in 2016, Levy & The Oaks have moved their brushes to a different medium with much of the album being of light textured indie-dance and far from their blues-rock derived earlier music.  That doesn’t mean to say they have completely drifted away and the latter end of the album is more dipped in the earlier paints, making the penultimate song Another Night Out In Asbury my pick of the release.

Sound of the City – EP – Levy and the Oaks is available on iTunes.*

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Raised On TV – Caroline – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Raised On TV are finalising details for their appropriately named second LP – Season 2.

Raised On TV

Raised On TV

On hitting play on the first song to surface from the album – Caroline, which was released as a standalone single last week (available on bandcamp), the listener is tempted to think they are heading off to a fairly standard indie track only to find within a few bars that the bright-light neon entrance leads to a trippy-rock derived composition which takes the mind on a wave of kaleidoscopic colours.


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Capital Unknowns – Calvary Assembly – Audio

The hazewave duo Capital Unknowns released the LP In God We Trust on the 27th of July.

Capital Unknowns

Capital Unknowns

A nine track album of hushed countenance (available on bandcamp) which slips in to the room in unassuming adornment which camouflages the building intensity of the ensuing roughly thirty six minutes of pastel brush strokes.

Each song on In God We Trust has a slightly different interpretation of a similar theme, akin to artists circling a still life and sketching from their own perspective, the resulting combined output providing a fully detailed 360 degree view for the listeners minds eye to explore further after the notes have died away.

Calvary Assembly is the middle song, which somehow seems an appropriate way to introduce the duo.

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