Radio Skies – Do You Feel – Audio

Radio Skies, a dream-rock band  from Ojai (USA), is the quintet of Danny WrightOliwaEthan GlazerEric Sullivan and Erin Sidney who on the 2nd of November will be releasing the LP Double Life.

Radio Skies

Radio Skies

Immediately on hitting play the listener undergoes a process of osmosis becoming as one with the soundscape as the music merges with the mind in luxuriant layers of soft velvet which ensnare the amygdala in the gently undulating compositions.

Do You Feel, the third of the nine on the album (available on bandcamp) attests to a release in which the audience will immerse their mind and body with no desire to be separated.


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Mending – Julia Is Done With Asheville – Audio

The alt-folk duo of Kate Adams (Vocals) and Joshua Dumas (Piano / Synth / Mellotron / Vibraphone) from Chicago and New York (USA) released the EP We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow ~ Chapter 02: A Few Years In Asheville on the 5th.



As will, rightly, be assumed A Few Years In Asheville is part of a concept piece of work. The collection – We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow – which consists of four hours of music consisting of forty songs – is being released over the course of nine individual chapters which will be released three months apart through to the end of 2019 – narrating the tale of a family, centred around a character named Emma, over a forty year period. The first two chapters take in wide time scales with Chapter 01 covering the first seventeen years and chapter 02 through to year thirty, the final seven chapters – the final decade.

Inevitably each segment is of quite different flavour of composition as the tale unfolds, with A Few Years In Asheville having a wistful melancholia.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) my selection is the dour ballad of the penultimate composition – Julia Is Done With Asheville.

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pkwy – Giant – Audio

pkwy, the US slacker-rock quartet, released their début EP – Giant – yesterday.



Their music is marked by the slow measured pace, which even when they are in hurrying mood, minds of a sloth hanging around in the trees, with a calmness spreading through the room.

It is the laid-back thread of the tracks that holds the listener attentive as they offer variations of the theme in both compacted texturing and fence-net sparsity with a wistful melancholic undertow.

A five track release, best enjoyed at dusk laying around a campfire on the beach, (available on bandcamp), which has compelling magnetism leaving the listener wishing it ran for longer than its roughly fourteen minutes.

The opener and title track Giant – being my pick of the release.

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The Holy Knives – Stray Dog – Audio

The US atmospheric-rock duo The Holy Knives will be releasing their début LP Year Of The Black Dog on the 2nd of November.

The Holy Knives - Photo by Jana Cantua

The Holy Knives – Photo by Jana Cantua

Released on the 5th as a standalone single Stray Dog, taken from the forthcoming album, encircles the listener, akin to the aural equivalence of freshly ground coffee beans, with a heady measure of warm woody, earthy layers of olfactory seduction that teases of temptations to come.

The evocative soundtrack layers multi-pivoted guitar, electronica with sliding percussion, expressive vocals and a shadowy polyphonic chorus to create a richness of layered texturing in to which the audience pleasurably reclines.

Stray Dog is available on iTunes.*

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Niights – So Into You – Audio

The Ohio (USA) gazerock quartet of Francesco Maraldo ( Guitar / Vocal), Jenna Lorine (Vocal / Guitar), Jake Chandler (Bass / Keys) and Jeremy Dodge (Percussion / Keys) known as Niights are working towards the release of the LP Hellebores.



Released as a standalone single on the 28th of September, So Into You, slips in to the room on a fragile vocal, prior to gathering itself together and driving in to the ears in cascading instrumentation and electronica which is hazed in bleeding reverb and echo.

The quartet are able to measure doses of powerful rock with crystalline delicacy to create a song which is marked by its fluidity of changing mood… the fragility of voice that opens So In To You – don’t be fooled as this merely conceals, akin to the Trojan horse,  the imposing presence to follow.

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So Into You – Niights is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.