Malka from New York in the USA is the nu-gaze out-fit of EJ DeCoske (Guitar / Synth / Vocal), David Ciauro (Bass / Vocal), Michael Dawson (Drums) and Darko Saric (Guitar / Synth / Vocal).

Malka - nu-gaze from the USA


Like gently blowing strands of silk Malka wend their way around the room covering the listener in a soft caress of aural intoxication. The notes dissipate before the ears can capture them as the quartet deliver their melding folds of echoing guitars and synths.

Malka create music that has a diaphanous felt which finds the audience entranced in the textures of sound. Percussion giving the only tangible evidence to the mind that the disappearing vocals and instrumentation ever existed.

A couple of years behind them, Malka offer the brain the opportunity to dwell in vaguely psychedelic journeys of discovery that are best taken in extended periods of listening as this most certainly is not music to take out on a track-day, rather, on a period of reflection.

Originally only singing in Spanish, the quartet now offer both Spanish and English lyric and their début LP the seven track forty minute The Constant State (which is available on bandcamp) is well worth adding to the playlist – ‘music in which to allow the mind to wander’.


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Galvarino from Los Angeles in the USA is the rock trio of Grady (Guitar / Vocals), Dusty (Bass) and Jack (Drums).

Galvarino - photo by Chris Knific

Galvarino – photo by Chris Knific

The way to get the best out of Galvarino is to set your speakers as high as they will go – kick them to get an extra boost as the scrummaging sounds of the trio scamper around the room.

Fusing brash percussion and bass with festering guitars Galvarino find the audience quickly caught up in movement as rock-a-billy meets heavy duty 1980’s British Rock fused with Americana, yet it doesn’t sound like a retrospective step backwards, rather a refreshing tumult of well worn leather jacket and newly minted frolics. The trio is able to invest into the audience a sense of togetherness in a whirl-wind of rock-n-roll.

The band has languished behind their ability since inception a couple of years ago as they have concentrated on local live performance, sadly neglecting the wider audience, which has perhaps held them back. Of positive news I am led to understand that plans are afoot for an LP later this year which may give those of us not in Los Angeles an opportunity to hear more.

Once I have additions to report – be assured I will let you know as I do enjoy Galvarino and am sure you will too.

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TrunkWeed from Baltimore in the USA is the fuzz-rock trio of Kyle Phass (Drums), Tucker Neil (Bass) and Brady Kelly (Vocals / Guitar / Synth).

TrunkWeed - Fuzz Rock from the USA

TrunkWeed – Fuzz Rock from the USA

TrunkWeed deliver sounds that hark of open spaces and the listener can imagine themselves at a beach looking out to a hazy horizon as the trio combine reverb, echo, delay and fuzz. The percussion bounces around like a playful puppy whilst the bass maintains a steer as the guitars fluidly eases its way between sharp spikes of notes to mesmeric elongation to which the vocal strives to – nay successfully provides the cohesion. The light touches of synths affords the out-put its dreamy quality that finds the brain melting into the material.

The audience can listen whilst laying back on the lounger or get up and flail arms and body around and either way TrunkWeed provides music which adds to the joy of living.

Newly formed, TrunkWeed have made a great start with performances that belie the age of the band and it is of little surprise they are establishing a presence in the live circuit added to which they have made recordings available for those of us who don’t get the opportunity to see them on stage.

I look forward to keeping track of their development and future releases, which I am led to believe includes a live LP – one track of which I have had the opportunity to hear. I would not be surprised to find that a fourth player be added to the line-up as the synths give TrunkWeed an added dimension which with only the three is difficult to replicate on stage with only six arms available.

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Safe Secrets

Safe Secrets is the blues rock trio of Sebastian Stone, Ric Olivarez and Joaquin Rosales from Nashville, Tennessee, in the USA.

Safe Secrets - Blues rock from the USA

Safe Secrets

Regular readers will understand why I ran out of the room in fear on hitting play with Safe Secrets – but I thrust my head around the doorway and found myself engaged. Sprawling guitars lay waste to the under-lay and the trio deliver not fatuous mind-numbing Nashville blues rather the enlightening, as they take a genre and shake it up, delivering an out-put that makes you think more garage-blues as the itchy growling sounds maul around the room.

Safe Secrets bring their compositions to life with a fine construct of blousy guitar that drips acid as a cantankerous percussion and bass combination claw the fabric and a sardonic vocal that reminds of a friendly poker game going sour commentates.

This is music to down with a bottle of Jack Daniels. I raise my hat to Safe Secrets who are able to switch a mind from running for the hills to wanting to pay for the next round and being happy when they empty my wallet with a Royal Flush.

I look forward to more.


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The Great Duck War

The Great Duck War is the garage rock trio of Reid Kurkerewicz, Noah Huber and Justin Huber from Madison, Wisconsin, in the USA.

The Great Duck War - garage rock from the USA

The Great Duck War

Relatively newly formed and set to release their début EP in February The Great Duck War is still a band in development, attested by an early name change from Lachrymose Soup. Although I have not had the opportunity to hear more than three songs what I have heard has been a good to experience.

The Great Duck War set their stall in loosely hanging structures giving the material an effervescent zeal that fires the feet in sympathy with the vivacity of it all. Lo-fi production, as longer term readers know, is always something that I enjoy and the trio defines precisely why that is the case.

Simply constructed tracks are not complicated in performance and the audience feels they are very much part of the sounds as The Great Duck War takes the listener on a ride of fuzzy guitars and bellowing bass with a tempo that lifts the body into frenetic dance-steps as a vocal skips around the room enthusiastically.

I look forward to their forthcoming eponymous release.

Sweet Cassidy which is set for release on the EP is available on bandcamp.

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