Shady Nasty – Upwardsbound – Single Review

Shady Nasty is an Australian esoteric-rock trio.

Shady Nasty - photo by Andreas Damouras

Shady Nasty – photo by Andreas Damouras

Appearing towards the tail end of last year Shady Nasty have focused on live performances with their first track – Upwardsbounds for those of us further afield appearing only last week.

The spikes in Upwardsbounds have the audience reflecting of maths-jazz, yet there is something more intrinsic to the material and underpinning the free-form nature of the composition lays a contemplative commentary of the silos of the world in the 21st Century with individuals being invited to scurry like rats in a drain to their preferred escape point, only to discover they are each trapped in the same maze, just with different starting points.

In Upwardsbounds one gets an aural sense of the closing chapters of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and the inevitable closeting in Room 101 at the Ministry of Love.

Shady Nasty do not seek to make the journey for the listener an easy ride as they ensure each step of the way requires fullest engagement, though if you stick with it, you will find a pernicious contemplative which will find you looking forward to more of their exorcisms.

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