Unohu – Babel – EP Review

The Indian rock trio Unohu released the EP Babel a few hours ago.

Unohu - Babel


Opening the four track EP is Call My Name, which discovers Unohu in dirty leather jackets as the guitar slingshots around the room in a tad just over three and and a third minutes of growling rock’n’roll. The value added track on Babel.

Next comes Waiting For Caesar a number that replaces the leather jackets with recently pressed shirts as Unohu combine heavy-metal with indie, resulting in a track, which far from threading confusion resonates of a trio have far more to offer than straightforward constructs.

The third track – Incognito reaches one again for the anchor as the scuzzy guitar weighs down the composition that gives bass and drum-kit foreground in a drizzling blues driven thread of ideas.

The conclusion of Babel rests with Time, which is also the longest track – running at one second under four minutes in which Unohu disport both their reference points of ’90s britpop and ’70s heavy-metal to deliver a song in which each element of the band is given moment to shine. My pick of the release.

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Unohu – Nowhere To Go – Video

It has been a little while since the Indian rock’n’roll trio Unohu last featured.

Unohu - Nowhere To Go

Unohu – Nowhere To Go

A live performance of the song Nowhere To Go can’t but help have you shuffling round the floor in unison as the track takes hold of the body and soul.

I hope there is new of a release coming soon as Unoho is a trio it is always a pleasure to return to their infectious music.

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Unohu – Billion And One – Audio

Unohu is an alt-rock trio from India.

Unohu - Billion And One


Billion And One is a track in which Unohu extend their repertoire with a more angular indie sound than the material previously featured, with an almost maths-rock flavour, which they temper with lighter touches of ‘indie’ along with their signature heavy-rock riffs that intersperse the chapters.

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Unohu from Mumbai in India is the alt-rock trio of Sarthak Karkare (Vocals / Guitar),  Yohann Coutinho (Bass) and Shashwat Karkare (Drums).

Unohu - alt-rock from India


Well driven sounds nail themselves into the ears as Unohu deliver songs which would sit well anywhere you can find a rock audience. The trio are able to give themselves room to negotiate the compositions which have a spaciousness to them that fools the ears to thinking there must be more than three players.

The music is both steeped in melody and driving impetus, giving the band a solid platform from which to develop the textures, resulting in the listener receiving well conceived and developed pieces of music which immediately capture attention.

A couple of years behind them Unohu have been honing their craft in live performance and their debut EP a four track – Asunder only appeared in June. Through allowing themselves time to establish their skills, the trio have been able to deliver a fine primary release, which both texturally and in range sets the band in good stead to establish a far broader international audience. The selected songs demonstrate both the ability and spaciousness of Unohu.

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