Meat Market

Meat Market from Oakland in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Ian, Jeffrey, Jake and Alex.

Meat Market - garage rock from the USA

Meat Market – photo by Raphael Villet

Subsumed inside polarities of sound lays a sharp and sardonic reflective of life being lived. Meat Market deliver their music within string bending distortion that shards the speakers prior to scattering around the room.

Better known for live performance than recorded material Meat Market is a band who have much to offer the wider world and I hope to hear news of the follow-up to the eponymous 2012 ten track LP.

The music hurtles across the ears in a tumult of coincidences which the quartet manage to herd into formation like a seasoned shepherd rounding up sheep. The ears are boxed with a continual flailing which Meat Market deflect with some mastery and rather than emerging with a bloodied face, the audience turns around with a wide grin and thankful for having spent the time.

Not for the first time do I find myself reviewing a band on the roster of the label underthegun with good reason.

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