The Attics – Ultramarine – Single Review

The Australian indie quartet The Attics released the single Ultramine on the 6th.

The Attics

The Attics

Dipping spoons into trippy rock, indie dance and dreamwave rather than coming up with a recipe that satiates no-one The Attics are able, in Ultramine (available on bandcamp), to create a margin under three minutes of music which suits the diaspora of palates they invite to their table.

Fleet of foot on entering the room the track is able to to switch pace in swooping movements that affords a creamy consistency, while a pitching guitar gives the light headed mood through which the skippy beat of percussion proffers the lead to the dance-floor with the vocal centering the overall sound.

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Fróði – Mickey Mouse – Video

Fróði is a Faroese alt-rock project centred around Fróði Hansen.

Fróði - Ultramarine - artwork

Fróði – Ultramarine – artwork

Drawing influences from the ’70s Fróði is able to create music, which both reminds of the past, though equally has a fresh vitality to it that keeps the listener attentive.

From the six track LP – Ultramarine – the third –  Mickey Mouse, which, the longer it runs towards its just over five minutes journey, the more the composition develops mass, akin to a snowball rolling down a hill.

Ultramarine – EP – Fródi is available on iTunes.*

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