Vitalii Cherniavskyi – Future In The Past – Audio

Vitalii Cherniavskyi is a Ukrainian ambient-wave creator.

Vitalii Cherniavskyi

Vitalii Cherniavskyi

Prior to the 16th there was no music, today as I write there are seventeen tracks, each of very different texturing, while having in a common a world-music bonding, by the time this article is published I would not be in the least surprised if another slew of material had surfaced.

Revealed on the 28th was Future In The Past and absorbing nu-classics reprise.

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Hindu – Brighton – Video

The Ukrainian synthwave project of Tania YankovskaHindu – is currently finalising details for an LP set for release next year.



The combinations of sweeping synth lay in sharp contrast to the distinctive vocal and springy guitar to deliver in the latest track – Brighton – a zesty crispness that refreshes like a lemon shower, whilst simultaneously wrapping the listener in a soft and fluffy bathrobe.

Recent tours in Europe, including England, Germany and Italy and North Africa taking in Tunisia are likely to add to the visibility of a more than capable musician which will be enhanced by the forthcoming album.

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Brighton – Single – Hindu is available on iTunes.*

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