New Year Ninety 2017 – 50 to 41

Most of the world will now be in 2017 regardless of time-zone – the half-way mark of the New Year Ninety Chart 2017 – 50 – 41.

UK Feds - New Year Ninety 2017

UK Feds

50. The Extons (England)

49. The Struts (England)

Put Your Hands Up is available on Amazon.*

48. Them Ohs (USA)

18 to 21 is available on Bandcamp

47. UK Feds (England)

Living in Anger – EP – Ukfeds is available on iTunes.*

46. Dogstrum (USA)

Murtsgod is available on Bandcamp

45. Broken Barrels (USA)

A Little off the Top – EP – Broken Barrels is available on iTunes.*

44. Way Out (USA)

WAY OUT is available on Bandcamp

43. Mark John (England)

Long Time Coming – Single – Mark John is available on iTunes.*

42. Knky Roots (Canada / USA)

41. Bathrobe Robots (USA)

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UK Feds – National Treasure – Single Review

On the 21st of October the English ska-rock quartet UK Feds will be releasing the single National Treasure.

UK Feds

UK Feds

The landscape is different for those that know UK Feds who normally play with a more hopping ska beat to the undertow and less effrontery, though equal derision of the world surrounding their reality.

For those who are new to them, but know the site with more familiarity it will be of no surprise that National Treasure tickled my fancy. Turn the volume higher than you thought was possible, bass as deep as it will go, with treble extended to its highest reaches then kick the speakers to make sure before hitting play.

A scouring guitar fuzzes around the room like a Mentos in a fizzy cola whilst flailing vocals scrawl around the walls as judgemental bass booms out of the sub-woofer while threshing drums pull out lumps of plaster in a track that rages against a system of self-protection.

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