Wasabi Fire Alarm – Self Doubt – Video

The English alt-rock quartet Wasabi Fire Alarm were introduced earlier this year.

Wasabi Fire Alarm - Self Doubt

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Getting together only a few months ago Wasabi Fire Alarm have veritably sprinted out of the starting blocks with their début LP Two Fingers In A V (available on their website) being released at the tail end of last month.

Self Doubt – the sixth of the ten tracks on the album, which evokes of shifting realities of a mind in the vice of a mental disorder, is underpinned by an expanding and contracting prog-jazz rhythm.

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Wasabi Fire Alarm – Two Fingers In A V – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Wasabi Fire Alarm will be releasing the EP Two Fingers In A V next month.

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Formed after a change of line-up and a desire to explore a new direction, from the quintet Resistance only in March – Wasabi Fire Alarm have hit the ground running.

The first track to surface and title song Two Fingers In A V is set to a soundtrack which has an unstructured carefree abandonment  and a spirited enjoyment of life with the listener being taken back to the era, particularly of the ’60s, when much of the music emerging was a celebration of the very fact of creating music, rather than what is so often currently, a studious investigation in template design and this joie de vivre is palpable through the speakers.

Though don’t be fooled by the free-spirited compositions, as this strikes of the very heart of what is their essence and raison d’être – a protestation against a world of turgid conformity.


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