Standing On End – Worst in the World (Based on You and Me) – Audio

The US twisted-rock project of Mat Larimer who performs as Standing On End – is working towards the release of an LP for later in the year.

Standing On End

Standing On End

The first track to surface, which came out on the 2nd and is available on bandcamp, is a gnarled knot of dark process through which a cello slides in and out of focus like a seductive temptation leading in to a dank cellar of dim flickering candles in to which the listener is pleasurably drawn with ever heightened ardour.

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Spencer Robinson And The Wolf Spiders – Drink Gasoline, Spit Fire – Audio

The US twisted-rock outfit Spencer Robinson And The Wolf Spiders was introduced towards the end of last year.

Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders - Drink Gasoline, Spit Fire

Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders

Word arrives that a new release is on its way and along with it – the first song to surface – Drink Gasoline, Spit Fire.

For those who have ever set up music kit in a new space and been frustrated by how the sound isn’t quite where you anticipated, yet find yourself discovering that the songs you spent so long on perfecting levels in one place is so much better in the abstract acoustics of a different set of walls and floors – and for those who think they understand how their playback devices are best attenuated – until leaving the room – you will appreciate Drink Gasoline, Spit Fire for what it is – a track that wherever you play it – you merely need to play it at full gusto and everything else will slot in to alignment.

A guitar which evidently is able to bend around corners is chased along by a bass that fires through the walls, rather than accommodating niceties, is harried by an ill-tempered percussion whilst the ghostly apparition of the vocal swoops, akin to a graceful eagle hunting prey, with each element affording the song its graceful balance.

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