Twist Helix – Ouseburn – Audio

The England based synthwave trio Twist Helix are planning to release the LP Ouseburn later in the year.

Twist Helix - Ouseburn

Twist Helix

To be more specific Twist Helix are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Ouseburn is an album of both sadness and delight.

To pin things down a little more the trio are actually based out of Ouseburn Valley which was at one time an industrial beating heart in North East England but, in common with the deindustrialisation of the manufacturing and extraction industries in the ’80s across the UK, Ouseburn Valley was left to fend for itself in its decline as a powerhouse of industry and over time has reinvented itself as the creative heart and soul of Newcastle Upon Tyne and a hub for musicians and music fans (sharper eyed readers will have noticed frequent images used over the years of performances at The Cluny) – hence an album tinged with both sadness and equally joy at the reincarnation of itself to once again become a vibrant centre.

The first song to surface from the LP and title track, Ouseburn (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp), sets the scene for the whole album reflecting as it does both on the past and the present.

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Twist Helix – Pulse – Single Review

The English synth-pulse trio Twist Helix released the single Pulse on the 31st of March.

Twist Helix - Photo credit Juan Darío Marhuenda Ruiz

Twist Helix – Photo credit Juan Darío Marhuenda Ruiz

With a much darker presence than much of their material; Pulse has an industrial wrecking-ball temper to it which swings across the room creating a shadowy blackness that reflects upon the continual havoc which has been sown by wealthy oligarchs and London-centric bureaucrats upon their home town of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in the North East of England, as it contemplates a local venue that will be known by many national and international touring bands – The Cluny, which, as a building began life as a Cotton Mill.

Pulse is a track that can equally be transposed, by you as a music fan to your own local venue that ‘matters’, where ever you are in the world, whilst property developers, like vultures, lurk awaiting for planning permission to move in and destroy gathering spaces for the non-conformists to enjoy life and get away from the grind-stone, even if only fleetingly, to resurface as a Corporate Headquarters or unaffordable housing stock.

Which similarly minds me of a nearby local authority who evicted a group of tenants, making many homeless, so they could turn the properties over to a property developer to rebuild spaces as ‘homeless accommodation’ all for a short term cashflow, whilst in the longer term being rented back by the same local authority at far higher cost than the cash injection, such is the dystopian reality of socio-capitalism.


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