Twilight Fields – Song Undelivered – Audio

The Canadian sadcore project Twilight Fields recently surfaced with a new track.

Twilight Fields

Twilight Fields

A musical project which first featured in 2016, Twilight Fields has always created music of melancholic countenance whilst empathetic of others.

The new track – Song Delivered – continues that narrative with a composition that finds succour with the many musicians around the globe, who although pouring heart and soul in to their songs are unable to find any traction or interest by others, yet despite that, still have the urgent need to to keep on creating even in the knowledge that it may well be music that only they will ever hear.

Perhaps an anthem for this site, which does try to offer some kind of bridge to many in that position whilst eschewing that which is major label.

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Twilight Fields – Waiting – Audio

The Canadian dream-rock project Twilight Fields released the LP Our Time Is Now on the 15th.

Twilight Fields - Waiting

Twilight Fields

Regularly featuring since being introduced in 2016 the album (available on bandcamp) finds a less melancholic mood than much of the material previously featured, though still of contemplative narrative.

The eleven track, roughly fifty six minutes, LP reflects on the value of close relationships in a world which is becoming ever more fractured.

Waiting is the third song.

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Twilight Fields – Joy – Video

On the 10th of April the Canadian melancholic-rock project Twilight Fields will be releasing the LP Consolamentum.

Twilight Fields - Consolamentum - artwork

Twilight Fields – Consolamentum – artwork

The eleven track album (available on bandcamp) contemplates of the disappointments and sorrows of life, whilst simultaneously reflecting on how those low moments can often resolve to an indomitable and optimistic outlook.

Joy is the third song on Consolamentum.

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Twilight Fields – Our Anthem (99) – Video

The Canadian melancholic-rock project Twilight Fields releases the LP Further Up, Further In! on the 6th.

Twilight Fields - Further Up, Further In! - artwork

Twilight Fields – Further Up, Further In! – artwork

From the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) the middle composition – Our Anthem (99) gradually reveals itself as though appearing through mist as Twilight Fields layer the song with a spectral guitar / synth combination tethered by quietly spaced percussion and bass while the vocal drifts sadly through the room.

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Twilight Fields – Peggy Gordon – Audio

Twighlight Fields, the melancholic-rock project from Canada, released the two track single Peggy Gordon on the 4th.

Twilight Fields - Peggy Gordon

Twilight Fields

I rarely feature cover songs as you know and both of the tracks on the single Peggy Gordon and The Bold Poachers are such animals (available on bandcamp). The former an old Canadian Folk song and the latter an old English folk song. Rules are there to be broken and this is one of those occasions.

Peggy Gordon merges the lyric and instrumentation into a brooding mesmeric blaze of sound that sears its way into the listeners mind and soul and that, despite, being based on what is lyrically and originally romantic-folk.

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